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Big Scratch

This Game Format is based on the Traditional African Faith that all Blessings come from the Divine.

Skasha is the Goddess of Harvest and Abundance of the Mashile Tribe of Kwazulu Kingdom. The Mashiles celebrate Skasha on the Seventh Night of the First full Moon in the year. Maidens dance half nude in Traditional Waist Beads to attract Suitors who will be Fruitful as potential Husbands. Young Men also dance for Skasha to bring Good Fortune in their Marriage.

Both Crop and Animal Farmers dance in anticipation of Blessing of Bountiful Harvest and Successful Breeding for the year. Being the Goddess of Harvest and Abundance, every one dances for Skasha in the hope of Her Blessing for a Good year.

The Gyrating Body Twists in the form of Scratching is done is response to (Belief) the Spiritual Touch of Skasha as she blesses the dancers. Mashiles believe that when your dance for Skasha, you Scrachee and when you Scrachee, you receive Abundance and Good fortune. The prize Range from N500 to max at N1,000,000. Also the non wining cards carry different messages of Good will for the player, emphasizing that: Winners donít, Quit; Never Give Up; Itís Possible; Dreams are Real; Keep Hope Alive etc.

Inline with African Tradition of the Spiritual, we invite you to Danze Scrachee in celebration of Skasha the Mashile Goddess of Harvest and Abundance Danze.

Danze, Danze Scrachee and Win!

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